When Should You Use a Ventilated Chemical Storage Cabinet?

Inhalation is among the biggest risk factors when one is working with chemicals. Airborne dusts, toxic fumes, mists, and vapors can all linger in the workplace. All these can have long-term effects on the health of anyone in the workplace. In order to reduce this danger, ventilation is necessary and there should be a ventilated chemical storage cabinet in place. Depending on the air slots and pipes that release the fumes, chemical storage units can greatly increase the safety of the workplace.


Ventilated Chemical Storage Cabinets: When Should You Use Them?


In Hot Temperatures

Temperature constantly fluctuates and this leads to an increase in the emission of dangerous chemicals. Thus, the storage unit should be located in a place where there is direct sunlight to ensure that there is proper ventilation. Aside from keeping the chemicals at a cool level, fume build up will also be reduced.

Particularly, an extra fan will help keep the chemicals in their correct temperature as it creates a cool breeze. To ensure maximum safety, make sure that you are using the right fan for the specific material being stored.


When there is Inadequate Room Ventilation

While the majority of rooms have air exchanges that is enough to remove any chemical vapor, the air flow should be considered as it can be limited. This includes underground storage area, smaller labs, and rooms that have no windows. When chemicals are particularly toxic, they should be vented outdoors so staff or anyone in the workplace can avoid inhaling it. Outside vents should be properly checked regularly to make sure that they are working properly and there are no debris blocking them.


When there is a Walk-in Store


Making sure that walk-in stores have ventilation is very important to ensure safety. This will keep all personnel safety while they work with a chemical storage unit as the fumes are reduces and enough air is available. As accidents can happen anytime and workers can be trapped inside of a walk-in store, enough ventilation is important to minimize the damage that these incidents may cause.

A simple ventilation slot is often enough for such chemical storage, unless it is intended to be used in a warm climate. In case the chemicals need to be mixed or decanted within the chemical store, extract fans need to be fitted.


When Storing Gas

In case of a chemical gas leak, employee’s health can be at risk of fume inhalation. With the help of a ventilated chemical storage cabinet, the danger is reduced as the unit can disperse the fume. This will also help prevent any chemical build-up that could be lethal or may have volatile reaction in case it gets in contact with other chemicals. When a specific gas is concentrated or when an open flame is used in the workplace, outside ventilation need to be considered to guarantee the safety of the people.

Chemical storage units are definitely a must in a workplace that deals with chemicals. Ensuring the safety of the people also means protecting your investment and future profit.