Water Jet Cutting Machine Is Far More Advantageous Than Other Cutting Options

Water Jet Cutting Machine

Regardless of your manufacturing or fabricating company has just integrated to its system of operations the use of water jet cutting machine or you had it only for some time now, it is of paramount importance that you are aware of what its advantages are. Doing so will help you make sound and quality business decisions. 

Before anything else, we need to know that there are basically 2 types of waterjet cutting method, namely abrasive waterjet cutting and pure. Now, the looming question here is, how are they different from each other?

Pure waterjet cutting is utilized when trying to cut “soft” materials such as paper or foam. The water stream is solely used for this purpose. 

First of all, two kinds of waterjet cutting methods exist, namely pure and abrasive waterjet cutting. The difference is that in pure waterjet cutting water is solely used for cutting soft materials like foam or paper. Whereas, for the abrasive type, granular abrasive material can be added to the water stream to further enhance its cutting power. This is normally applied when cutting hard or tough objects such as ceramics or metals.  

Outlined below are some of the benefits of using water jet cutting machines. The points given below will help further enhance your overall know-how on this cutting-edge technology. 

  • Cold cutting –  there is the complete absence of  heat-affected zones, thus no hardening of surrounding material
  • Small cutting kerf width 
  • Easy on the environment
  • Low amount of dust and does not produce hazardous gases
  • Stress-free cutting
  • Flexible system integration
  • Cuts almost any kind of material
  • Minimal need for fixturing
  • The faster way to cutting, shaping, and trimming materials 
  • Omni-directional cutting – allows for cutting in any direction
  • Perforates materials without having to start a hole

The waterjet is also capable of cutting through many other things such as fiber-reinforced and reflective materials, uneven surfaces, and stacked layers of various materials, which is actually another major advantage for this method of material cutting. 

Considering the fact that the mechanical processes are carried out on a microscopic level,  the surface finish, as well as the contents of the object, are not qualified as critical factors.  

Despite waterjet cutting having high kinetic energy during the working of this high water pressure cutting machine, there is little to no chance of deformation on the material you are trying to cut. 

Additionally, a high level of cutting accuracy can be achieved without having to leave burrs or frayed edge, giving you no less than an excellent edge quality. This will eliminate any requirement for secondary finishing processes.  

Waterjet cutting is not known to harm or will ever put nature in harm’s way. The process itself is usually clean and will produce no grindings, hazardous gases, or chips. As a matter of fact, your water jet cut machine will have no need for emulsions or cutting oils.