Water-Activated Tape in Carton Sealing Machine?

Is there anything considered big deal about having a water-activated tape in a carton sealing machine? What are the implications for these? Is it beneficial to your business in any way? Is it high time that you consider acquiring one for your own company?

There is a manifold of ways in which the carton you intend to use to pack your product can be sealed up for shipping. In order to keep it secure, you may want to consider the use of a tape which others refer to in many other different names such as paper tape, gum or gummed tape, and water-activated tape. You might not be able to have a good recall of how this particular packing tape really looks like but if you have had some prior experience making an online purchase, chances are high that might have seen it and know what it really is.

The water-activated tape is the white or brown tape that is used to seal up your parcel boxes. It is secure and will present a good level of challenge if you will attempt to pry open it. This factor, though, is in a way part of its charm.  

What is Water-Activated Gum Tape?

It is made primarily from white and not bleached or colored paper and with that they also come with starch-based adhesive.  They can be comprised exclusively of paper, but may also come with multiple layers of paper. The paper itself can be speckled with fiberglass strings or polyethylene, this will strengthen up the tape.

The adhesive can be “activated” by water and expectedly will penetrate the carton material and by virtue of this process, the tape will eventually form a strong, permanent bond with the carton box. Consequently, it will be difficult to open it up, unless you apply some force to do so.

Why Is It Advisable for Use In Your Carton Sealing Machine?

Here are some of the advantages you will have when you use a water-activated tape in your sealing machine:

  1. Extraordinarily strong adhesion properties. It will help protect the contents of your carton box by making it bond with the corrugated carton.
  2. A helpful theft-deterrent feature for your product packaging by providing a seal that is indeed tamper-evident.
  3. Your company logos, markings, or labels can be easily printed onto the tape itself for added branding feature for your product packaging.
  4. Minimizes the likelihood of a worker acquiring a work-related injury. When this happens, it often translates into a huge operational expense for the company. This water-activated sealing tape can be applied using a tape dispenser as opposed to the use of the usual hand-held tape gun.  
  5. Environmentalists favor the use of this type of packing tape because it is not posing any harm to the natural environment and as a matter of fact, it is recyclable, too.

If you want to use water-activated tape, a water-activated tape dispenser must be in place also. As the name suggests, it will help in cutting and ejecting the tape to whatever your preferred length is and then will wet it with adequate amounts of water so you can have the tape ready to apply to your box or carton packaging.  See also: vacuum sealer