Real World Applications for 3D Printing Australia

The world of 3D printing Australia has undergone a number of beautiful changes. Who would have thought that in the early days of 3D printing, only a few would see its potential and would, therefore, dismiss it as something not relevant to their business?

Back then, it is a very costly investment to make and is also seen then as a time-consuming process. But the primary reason why it did not become an instant hit right there and then is because industries did not find it practical to have for any of their applications.

It is a good thing to know that things have changed now for the better. The changes that 3D printing techniques went through work to its advantage. So now, both large and small scale businesses are finding 3D printing services essential for their operation and market leadership.  

Real World Applications for 3D Printing Australia

Replacement Parts

The biggest growth area for 3D printing took place in the replacement parts sector. The biggest factor here is that you can now have parts printed on demand sans the need to have them stored, say, in a dedicated warehouse.

For instance, if a part is no longer manufactured, the replacement part that you require to have can be designed and have it printed fairly easily. This is the reason why the replacement parts sector is currently going through major changes, and this can be directly attributed to 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing.  It practically lets you download a replacement part in its digital form and have it printed using your very own 3D printer at home or in your business.


Back in 2008, happening then was the emergence of 3D printers, and another form of expression came about as output became more accessible. Almost in an instant, people tried to put their 3D printers to good use by making different types of 3D printed designs.

Within the vast array of things that are being 3D printed, some of the models that are really well known will fall under one of the following categories: cosplay, toy and games, art, and design.


Prototype development is, by far, the largest and the most immense application of 3D printing technology.  After some time that 3D printing was introduced to the world, engineers and designers actually pondered that they could have a great deal of savings on time and money by seeing to it that their prototypes were printed as opposed to machined. Initially, prototypes must be forwarded to a service bureau, unless the company is financially capable of purchasing their very own high-priced 3D printer that was readily available during those times.

Printer prices have dramatically gone down in the last 10 years or so. But despite the downward trend in 3D printer prizes, the quality of prints was never compromised. As a matter of fact,  there is an impressive improvement in terms of quality. It has even reached to a level where the output prints made by expensive 3D printers for parts were very good that they can be easily passed for prototyping.


Perhaps what can be qualified as the largest category in the use of 3D printing in Australia today is concerned are the professional applications.  There is no stopping for growth in this category, but there are notable areas were wide adoption of additive manufacturing technologies has been observed.

At the rate things are going at the moment, we can anticipate of better things to come for the 3D printing Australia industry. The world and the business sector has high hopes about it. With all the things that we have at the moment in as far as making 3D prints are concerned, we believe that we have not yet reach the far end of the tunnel yet.  

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