Offshore Drilling Rigs in Different Types

Offshore oil drilling rigs are available in various designs, sizes, and configurations. Every type is specifically designed to operation in certain conditions- from shallow waters to great depths to the different regions of the world where the weather is severe or unpredictable. Such type of rig has the potential to be constructed on a place or towed and is fully erected in the exact location of the oil source. Below are some the most popular types of drilling machines that are used in different industries today.


The Different Types



For shallower bodies of water, you can rely on a versatile and highly mobile drilling rig. A submersible rig platform can be transported to the location under tow. It is then sunk until it rests on the ocean’s floor. It will stay in place because of its weight and in some situations, it may be needed to rely on heavy-duty anchors in order to secure the platform.



This is constructed as a remodeling of an old vessel or a completely new build. This is a self-empowered kind of drilling rig. For it to remain in place over the drill target, modern ships can rely on the latest automated technology, as well as control systems wherein the refitted vessels can depend on regular anchor system.

A drillship that is fully equipped with the latest technology to maintain positions can make the drilling platforms very effective to be used in waters in which other rigs may not be able to operate.



Of all drilling rigs, this one comes with specialized legs that are designed to submerge in deep surfaces when the platform is positioned over the target. It can operate in very deep waters, usually in regions of 650 ft. or more. Also, it is towed and fully erected into its position. When it comes to reaching the surface of the ocean, this rig type will continue to jack down until it starts to rest at enough distance above the ocean surface- often in the region of 50 ft.


Production Platform

A permanent structure is often seen with production platforms which are made on site and has been confirmed to provide a significant deposit of oil or gas. Upon the construction of these platforms, they become static structures and it’s not possible to relocate them to a new site in the future.

With all these types, it’s important to know which one is needed for your specific project. Having the right one will ensure that the job will get done efficiently. At the same time, you would be able to maximize the use of your drilling rig for a long period of time. So, make sure that you take your time choosing the one for you.