Here’s Why You Need to Use a 3D Scanner

A 3D scanner offers a lot of benefits to anyone who is involved in engineering, manufacturing, development analysis, design, testing, as well as quality inspection. A 3D scanning system is primarily used at any stage of manufacturing cycle, giving benefit at every point. If you like some people who are still reluctant on using this technology, then read on the reason below and you might end up changing your mind.


Reasons to Use 3D Scanning


To See the Design During the Conceptualization Stage

Upon the conceptualization of an idea, in most cases designers would use models in foam or clay. But with the help of a 3D scanner. It becomes possible to capture the exact object data. This can then be used as renderings during concept illustrations. As the technology uses a reverse engineering technique, designers and engineers can conceptualize designs before they produce them as a product or prototype.


Save Time During Design Stage

In most cases, designers design around other parts or they would fit their design to any existing object. With reverse engineering, the requirements for the manufactured parts can be incorporated and build on the existing engineering optimization.


Speed Up the Prototyping Process

There are different ways on how 3D scanning can provide support in the development of a prototype. It helps a designer or an artist to scale physical objects and changer their designs to meet the requirements. Aside from this, the use of this technology can help reduce the number of prototype design cycle since the data has been successfully captured from accurate 3D measurements of a component of the physical object.


Fast and Comprehensive Quality Control

It is now possible to inspect the entire size and shape of a component after manufacturing with the help of non-contact 3D scanning. This is helpful in detecting any issue when it comes to the quality.


Transforms the Process of Creating Tooling for Components

Manufacturers usually hand-tune tooling in order to correct finish to a specific part. With 3D scanning, hand modifications will be captured and even recreated for all tooling. This will ensure that all of the manufactured parts are being produced following the same set of standards. Moreover, 3D scanning inspection helps engineers in analyzing tool wear to predict or eliminate any failure. In case of a failure, the 3D scan data that has already been captured can be used to recreate the tool using 3d printers.

With all these reasons, you can’t make no when it comes to investing in this technology. More than ever, 3D scans can make the quality of your production higher. It will also be possible to achieve better designs for products and you can manufacture them at a much lower price. These are the benefits that only a 3D scanning technology can provide.