Absorbent Mat: The Right Way to Choose One

An absorbent mar has become widely popular in the market and there are so many of them to choose from for different applications. But, there are times when having so much option can actually make it more challenging to select the right one. In this case, help is needed.

But how do you make sure that you have the right one for you specific need? Below are some questions that should be answered when you are in the process of selecting, so you will know which one is for you.


1.   What liquids are you going to work with?


First off, you should be able to identify the kind of liquid that you are going to work with. Acquiring the wrong kind of absorbent mat would mean that spill will not be absorbed and it will spread, which can cause problems. The right absorbent pad should allow fast and efficient spill cleanup.

By being able to determine the kind of liquid means that you are choosing one which is compatible and can do the cleanup of spills and leaks, thus making sure that the facility is clean and safe.


2. What volume of liquid can potentially spill?


When it comes to choosing a mat, you need to take into consideration the maximum amount of liquid that has the tendency to spill as this would determine the right weight of mat needed for such application.

Choosing the right weight means that you can use the mat to its full potential and your money will not be wasted. Using a heavy weight mat in low-volume applications will just lead to throwing the mat away before it is maximized. Also, a lightweight one requires numerous change. This would mean losing money and doing unnecessary labor costs. The right balance when it comes to absorbency and volume is vital in selecting the right mat.


3. What kind of traffic is in your area?


The traffic in the area where there is a tendency to have a spill is another important factor to consider when choosing a mat. Determining such will tell you how durable the mat should be. For high traffic areas where carts and forklifts are used, you will be needing long-wearing and extremely durable mats. For low traffic areas like walkways, aisles, and under machines normal light to medium and heavy weight absorbents parts will be needed.

Absorbent mats are very useful as they help keep the production areas safe and clean by absorbing liquids and providing a dry walking surface. By answering these questions, you can acquire the right mat that will make your facility prepared in case of spills and dangerous leaks. This will be very beneficial for the employees and the company as a whole.